Because Finding Beauty Is A Choice…

Finding beauty in little things is never that hard…because God is love and all beauty comes from Him.

A sweet video message from my precious girls from home while Mama is away, visiting their Pops…

A bowl of fresh strawberries and bananas and buttered toast for breakfast with peppermint tea and a puppy named Snow that follows me around all morning…

A cool breeze of April (in Florida!) that greets us on our way to a place of worship on Sunday morning and everything that’s green on the way…

A young youth pastor who’s giving a sermon on marriage and chuckling over the fact that he is single…

Finding beauty is indeed easy if you choose to look for them. I wish I had known that simple truth when I was younger. I’d have enjoyed my journey so much more and my cup would have been so much fuller to pour out to others. But there’s no use in regrets and God never waste my pain or imperfection but rather doubles my joy every day as if to make up for the lost time.


I’ve never thought or imagined that I’d be where I am today 30 years ago when my life changed forever with an encounter with a stranger from America. I was just a little girl from a small town in South Korea who was very ill and had very little hope. I didn’t know much about beauty or God who created all things; hence, I didn’t know how to look for beauty or even why to look for it in the first place.

Well, much have changed since then and I’m not that little girl any more, praise God! I’ve been through so much and have gone to many places in the past 30 years. I’ve grown a lot and learned much and the best of all, I have found my savior on the way by God’s amazing grace. And with that, I found beauty in all things because I found the truth about myself.

I am God’s beloved and He is mine. And nothing was the same after that.


I see beauty in everything because I see God in everything. It’s a mystery how I didn’t see Him before because He is everywhere. But no matter. I know one thing for sure. I am found and I will never be lost again.

I’ve been away from my precious girls and my better half for the past three days to visit with my Daddy and that’s about all I can take. And I can’t wait to be back home and find all the beauty I have been missing for the past few days. And I’m grateful to know that beauty is though missed at times but never lost. Because finding beauty is a choice and as long as I shall live, I choose to find beauty because my God is a living God who is everlasting and so is His beauty everywhere.

Encouragement Tip: Choose to find beauty in everything and everywhere today. Surely you will find it even in the midst of your deepest sorrow. It doesn’t have to be grand. A smile. Sunshine. Coffee aroma. Chocolate. Green pasture. Blue sky. It can be anything you’re thankful for that makes your heart smile. And maybe you can whisper a little whisper and say, “thank you, God, for this tiny beauty. I love you, too.”

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